I’m Kate, a designer who has been working with graphics since 2014. Growing up, I was super interested in the design of livestreams on websites like Twitch and wanted to do the same thing. I taught myself Photoshop using an old copy of CS2 and made some adorably basic graphics. After making some friends in online spaces, I started doing freelance work for their streams and learned more as I went.

I have worked with over 200 different clients from many different backgrounds. Most of my clients come from livestreaming, but, within that space, I’ve worked with many kinds of groups: speedrunners, artists, events, companies, and charities. Outside of livestreaming, I have done paid videography work.

In my free time I occasionally do my own livestreams, make video sketches, play video games, and try to grow my own little community on Twitch, Twitter, and Discord.

Currently, I am the Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer for Warp World INC.: a company that develops tools for streamers.