short & long form

“Shiki no Uta" Music Video

Created as an exploration into typography & motion for a class final.

Faculty Favorites 2020

Created for the University of Louisville’s Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning. Showcases the student-nominated top 4 faculty members & their experiences teaching at UofL.
Minor editing done by Jason Zahrndt.

“Quit Diabetes with ☐̧̮͈̘"

Comedy sketch written for a class’ final project.

“Pokémon Stream 2" Announcement

Short video put together to promote upcoming special livestream on my own channel.

“Brewster" Website Concept

Video presentation created to visualize a branding project done on a given theoretical startup.

“Chinese BK Land" Commericial

Promoting the release of my fangame dedicated to BK.
Edited by Alex Losego.

“10 More Glitches"

A parody of a much older video that was made in Windows Movie Maker. Recreated in After Effects as an exercise.

art timelapses



The first sketch. This one has become a classic in my community, and encouraged me and my friends to make more down the line.
Filmed by Cameron.


The long-awaited direct sequel to “Breakfast.”
Filmed by Cameron and Jaku.


When the joke of the ongoing convention was the excessive “badge checking,” we had to make our own contribution to the conversation.
Filmed by Cameron.


What else do you do while staying at an Airbnb?


An idea conceived directly after the events of “Breakfast.”
Filmed by Alex Losego.


Do you prefer it with or without the skin?